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1. Drink more water

Go get yourself a big glass of water right now. Drink it all up. Within few minutes you will feel energised. Once you’ve finished that glass, go fill it up again and keep it at your desk to drink a bit later. Aim for 2 to 3 litres of water every day. If you keep this up for a few days, you’ll see many amazing benefits such as you’ll have more energy, your skin will glow (though it might get worse before it gets better), you’ll lose weight, feel less bloated, your digestion improves, less constipation, joint aches might even improve and you sleep better (dehydration is a common cause of insomnia).

2. Breathe

Pause and take five really long and deep breaths straight down to your belly. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth making sure you let out every last drop of air before inhaling again. Drop your shoulders and relax when you do this. Focus fully on your breathing. Breathe out tiredness and stress, or anything else you want to let go of. Breathe in peace and energy.
Deep breathing will make you feel energised, calm and centered. If you want to learn mindfulness, this is all you have to do. Start paying more attention your breath. Pause regularly to just breathe and be present. That’s all mindfulness is – being present, connecting with yourself here and now. Pause to do this five times today.
If possible, go outside for a bit and breathe deeply. Fresh air is going to wake your up, strengthen your lungs and improve your immune system.

3. Eat a protein based snack

Snacks are so important, you should never skip them! Have a snack mid-morning and again mid-afternoon. Include some protein in these. Protein can curb your sugar/carb cravings – in fact, often when you crave sugar what you really need is protein. Protein also gives you slow burning energy that’s going to give you energised and satisfied longer than sugary snacks. Include a little fat and good quality carbs to make it a well balanced snack. Try a handful of nuts, some veggie sticks with hummus or a oatcakes with some almond butter. Please avoid processed protein bars that tend to be full of chemical and/or made with whey protein which is hard to digest and not healthy (but it’s cheap…). I also want stress that I do not advocate a high protein diet – it is not healthy – rather, a well balanced diet where all food groups are included and none are eaten in excess.

4. skip your afternoon coffee or tea

You know that last cup of the day, the one you feel you shouldn’t have but you want it because you need a pick me up? Skip that one. I know this is a hard one but just this one try something else. Try a herbal tea like peppermint, which is really refreshing, a glass of water with some lemon or just plain water. You can always tell yourself that if this herbal tea doesn’t do the trick you can have a coffee – most likely you won’t want it. Cutting down on your caffeine intake has so many health benefits such as you’ll feel less stressed, more energised and you’ll sleep better.

5. Put your phone down

Stop picking up your phone unless you absolutely have to. Cut out any mindless browsing, checking social media and messages every 20 minutes.  Put your phone out of your sight, away from your desk, dining table or your hand, wherever you usually keep it. If you’re commuting, keep it in your bag. Use any downtime to just be, breathe, connect with yourself, look around you. Use time with other people to be there with those people. Whatever you are doing, wherever you are, be there 100%. You can give yourself set times when you can check your phone, if you want to, maybe once every hour, and at other times don’t even look at it. Breathe. Listen to your own thoughts.
This will help you stay calm, reduce stress, hear your own thoughts, feel better about yourself, enjoy life more and you’ll  probably also sleep better.

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