About me

Holistic coach (life/business/wellness), author, entrepreneur

Empowering women to live life to the fullest

Hi, I’m Tina! Over the last decade I’ve helped thousands of women improve their lives through my fitness business and health coaching. At the same time, I’ve been on a personal journey, working hard on myself in order to create a life that’s even better than my dreams.   

My Story

7 years ago, I was desperately unhappy. I was a new mother with a new business. I was depressed and stuck in a relationship that had turned toxic. My business wasn’t making enough money to support me and my daughter so I stayed until I couldn’t take it anymore and took a huge leap of faith.

I have learnt that when you follow your heart, no matter how scary it is, the universe will rise up to meet you. The hardest decisions in life always turn out to be the best ones. Hard time always lead to good times. Hard times help us grow and that’s exactly what I did. I invested as much of my time and energy as possible on working on myself, overcoming my fears, insecurities and other limits in order to become the person I knew I was born to be: happy,  free spirited, happy person who lives life fully and fearlessly.  

Since then, I’ve built a successful, authentic, business while at the same time I also freed myself from working long days, written & published a book (a childhood dream), travelled the world with my daughter (another dream come true) and moved to live in the sun (a dream I used to think was unachievable) while running my own business and, at times, homeschooling my daughter, as a single mother. 

Along the way, it’s been my pleasure to inspire and guide hundreds of women to do what I’ve done – free themselves up from being victims of their circumstances and realise their power to create and achieve whatever they want in life. I’ve inspired over 10k women to get active through my business Run with Tina. Through my book and online courses, I’ve helped numerous women take control of their diets and lifestyles while also learning to respect and love themselves and their bodies.

I truly love my work. What I love more than anything else, is getting to work with people one-on-one because that’s when I get to really help people at a deeper level and see their lives change in phenomenal ways. I love seeing my clients transform from insecure, lost and powerless, to confident, self-loving, self-believing and determined women.

Life is a journey and while I’m in a great place right now, I continue to dream big dreams and learn and evolve as a person because, to me, that’s what life is all about!

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My philosophy

Shine where you are

Always make the most of where you are. Don’t wait till you reach your goal, lose the weight, pay off your debts, get a new job, find a new man, move… or whatever it is that you’re waiting for before you can start enjoying life. Life is always lived and received here and now. So start here. Start now. Be the light where ever you are. See the light where ever you are. 


Know thyself

How do you know what you want in life if you don’t know yourself fully? You are not what or who people say you are; you are not your failures nor your achievements; you are not the labels and roles you have taken on, you are not your body size nor your bank balance. You are not your past. Let it all go and ask yourself ‘who am I?’ It is exciting to get to know yourself, figure out what you want in life and then fearlessly pursue it and be your authentic self.

Love yourself

I like to say ‘whatever your problem, self-love is the answer’. Self-love means you respect yourself, you want what’s best for yourself, you’re kind to yourself, you believe in yourself, you put yourself first, you make sure your needs are met, you’re there for yourself. It means you stop being mean to yourself, you stop criticising yourself, stop finding faults, stop hating your body, stop feeling not good enough. Self-love is one of the hardest things to learn but it’s also the one thing that will totally change your life; it’s the key to your happy fulfilling life. 

You are powerful

It might not always seem so but you are fully in control of your life. Whatever is going on, no matter how bad, you have the power to change it, you have the power to create a better life for yourself, find happiness, freedom and fulfilment. It all starts with a decision to claim your power back. It starts with the decision to love yourself, get to know yourself. It starts with the decision to stop waiting and start shining, now.

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