Tina Murphy and her Daughter Yasmin (4), photographed for Good Health. 16/02/2015 Photograph: ©Fran Veale PLEASE CREDIT

Photo by ©Fran Veale for Independent

I am the founder of Run with Tina, Ireland’s leading provider of learn to run courses for women and the only company that fully specialises in complete beginners. It was always my aim to create a class where everyone feels good enough and that everyone leaves the class feeling good about themselves. Run with Tina started as a hobby and I’m very proud of what the company has achieved and the impact it’s made in the fitness industry in Ireland and, most importantly, the way it has changed hundreds of people’s lives. For more information, check out the company site here and see what our participants say here

Through the years, I grew so much with Run with Tina. I learnt a lot about business, often the hard way, and myself. The most important thing I learnt (the hard way) was to stop listening to others and instead believe in myself and learn to listen to my intuition and have the courage to follow that.

After few years of Run with Tina, together with a nutritionist, I started a weight loss programme called Slim with Tina because there was such a huge demand for a sensible, easy to follow healthy eating plan among my customers. It was obvious diets didn’t work and people were fed up with counting points and going from one fad to another. This programme proved hugely popular and I was then asked to write a book by the same title (you can get it here). I put a lot of emphasis on the emotional side of weight loss and weight issues which really is the key to creating permanent change, it’s what has made a huge difference for me and it is what my customers love about the programme, together with the back to basics, simple healthy eating and recipes. You can learn more and join one of my online courses here 

Now, I’ve put all the experience I’ve gained through the years from my work and also from my personal life, having gone through massive changes myself, having gone from a serial dieter, monster emotional eater, to someone whose broken free from that vicious cycle, and I work one-on-one with people offering wellness and lifestyle coaching. You can read more about that here

I’ve been regularly featured in the media, including the Independent, Irish Times, Image and The Examiner  – I’ll have a media page up soon but in the meantime you can check out some of the previous Run with Tina media coverage here

I’m a single mother of one, currently living in South Dublin where I love my quiet life, making the most of all that Dublin has to offer from the mountains and forests to the lovely beaches. I love yoga, healthy food, being outdoors, meditating, meeting interesting people, eating out and shopping (of course). I’m currently really into minimalism, which means you can often find me de-cluttering like a crazy woman….

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