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We’re always told to think long term or keep your eye on the prize but have you realised that very often, thinking long term is exactly what leads to failure? This is particularly true when it comes to changing your lifestyle and eating habits.

Here’s the kind of thinking that leads to failure: 
‘I’ll never have sugar again.’
‘I’ll never smoke again’
“I’ll never drink again’
‘I’ll never have another coffee’

Think about something you really love but know that it’s not that good for you, then imagine saying ‘I’ll never have/do this again in my life. EVER’. That does not feel very good, does it?

This is why people fail; it’s too much to take on, the pressure is overwhelming. If you’re a smoker and you think ‘I’ll never smoke again?’ What’s the first thing you want to do? Smoke! Same with any other addiction. Sugar is one of the hardest addictions to kick and for someone who eats a lot of sugar, the thought of never eating any sugar again, well, that’s just torture, no matter how healthy and wise the decision would be. Like with many foods, you’ll be thinking what can you eat then? It feels like there’s nothing nice left to eat and that’s how you’re going to live the rest of your life? 

The way around this is to realise that ‘the rest of your life’ is a series of days.

Right now, you only have to focus on today because that’s all there is. So just focus on today.

For today, I choose to not have any sugar/coffee/cigarettes/alcohol etc

It’s also important to realise that it’s a CHOICE and that YOU make that choice. You could choose otherwise if you want. You’re in control.

You could even just focus on one meal at a time or a segment of the day or just this moment. ‘Right now, I choose not to smoke’.

The trick is to repeatedly make the same choice. Tomorrow, make the same choice again.

There are days when you might make a different choice but that’s just one day, you know that you can make a different choice tomorrow, even the next moment. With this approach, when you make a ‘bad’ choice, it doesn’t feel like the end of the world, like you’ve ruined the rest of your life, and it’s easier to get back on track again.

So there you go, what a relief it is to know that today, you only have to get through today! What do you choose today?

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