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Today, I wanted to share with you how to choose inner peace and how this can change your life, your diet, weight, relationships, anything really. Peace is happiness, you cannot have true happiness without peace.
Instead of setting goals such as lose 10kg, give up sugar, eat clean, drink less, aim for peace instead, peaceful relationship with food, with your body, your health, drink and above all, yourself. A peaceful relationship with yourself leads means inner peace, peace of mind. Aim to make choices and decisions that make you feel at peace.

Think about food now and instead of thinking of what you should and shouldn’t eat, say to yourself ‘I make peace with food. I choose inner peace‘ or something similar. Notice how different you feel?You can guarantee that being at peace with food will lead to healthier food choices too!

So from now on, set inner peace as your goal. Every morning and several times throughout the day, take a deep breath and tell yourself ‘I choose inner peace’. Before you react, make a choice or do anything. especially when you’re under pressure or feeling conflicted, consider how your choices will affect your inner peace. Focus on YOUR inner peace, not anyone else’s because sometimes you might need to create a little chaos in your external world in order to gain inner peace. You have to be brave enough to say no and put yourself first where previously you might have done whatever you had to do in order to keep others happy. You need to accept that you cannot please everyone. Other people’s happiness is not your responsibility and your happiness is your responsibility, no one else’s.

When you have that ‘should I eat this biscuit or not?’ battle in your head, pause and think which choice is going to bring you the most peace? Tell yourself ‘I support myself unconditionally. Whatever I choose, I support myself’. That should give you an instant sense of calm and peace, you don’t have to argue with yourself! Note that while you will naturally want to make healthier choices using this technique, sometimes what brings you peace is eating a biscuit so don’t be afraid to let yourself have it! Be honest with yourself.

Inner peace is what brings happiness, not the size you wear or what the scales say. You’ll find that once you make peace with food, you will lose weight without even trying because happy people don’t feel the need to eat junk food or to over eat. You’ll also be able to relax around food and enjoy all foods without any guilt!

Peace x



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