Health, abundance and happiness are all within your reach. Coaching can help you find the courage to face your fears, get unstuck and start living fully!


Get unstuck with private coaching

Do you feel stuck? Frustrated, bored, unfulfilled, disappointed, scared to move forward, insecure, not good enough…. There has to be more to life, right? Is this it?

It is my belief that you should enjoy at least 80% of your time.


Life is meant to be fun. You are meant to be happy. You’re not meant to settle for mediocre life, you have every right to make all your dreams come true and live an amazing life. Your dreams are there to guide you. You’re meant to go after them. You have the potential to make them come true, you just have to realise it.


Anyone can achieve anything as long as you believe in yourself and realise that only you can make it happen.


It can be hard to see your way out of your current situation but there is a way, trust me. There is no situation that cannot be turned into a positive one, no loss that cannot be turned into a win.

If you need help to get out of our current situation, to get unstuck and create yourself the life of our dreams, I can help you do that!

Just some of the things I can coach you through

Business/career coaching

Start our own business
Business mentoring
Find a career you love
Develop a success mindset
Getting out of a career rut
Learning to deal with work related stress

Coaching for your mind

Let go of negative limiting beliefs
Create the life of your dreams
Learn to manifest and use the power of your mind
Find your purpose
Learn to follow your gut and your inner guidance

Health & wellness coaching

Weight loss
Overcome emotional eating & food addictions
Improve your relationship with food
Let go of diet mindset
Stop stressing about food and start enjoying it
Learn to accept your body
Improve your body confidence
Stop self-sabotaging


Become a confident parent
Learn to follow your gut
How not to let the pressure get to you
Relax and enjoy your kids more
Let go of fears and anxieties

Coaching for confidence/self esteem

Feeling never good enough
Dealing with fear, stress and anxieties
Learn to not care what people think
Overcome insecurities
Learn to love and accept yourself unconditionally

General stuck-ness

Feeling down or depressed
Feeling unmotivated
Breaking free from your current situation
Making big life decisions
Finding your path
Learn to be happy now

How coaching works

  • All sessions are done on the phone or via Skype/FaceTime
  • Sessions are usually 45mins
  • You’ll also get an email from me after every session (and sometimes several between sessions, depending on what you’re working on
  • Generally, you only need to book one session at a time – some people only need one sessions, while others benefit from a course of sessions
  • For weight loss and changing eating habits, a minimum of 3 sessions is recommended (ask about packages)
  • Please email me (link below) to check availability and to find out if/how I can help you!


Want to book a session?

I currently have no availability for private clients but if you drop me an email, I’ll add you to my waiting list.

What are you waiting for?


How do I book?
Before booking, please email me through the contact page or hello[at]tinamurphy.me to check availability and also, to check whether or not I am able to help you (I will tell you honestly if I think I’m not the right person for you!)
How much do you charge?

Prices vary from €60 to €80. Discounts are available on repeat bookings.

All payments are made via Paypal in advance of your session.

Can I book a face-to-face session with you?
At the moment I do all session online, via Skype, but if you prefer face-to-face, I can sometimes see people in Valencia, Spain or Dublin, Ireland. Email me to check availability.

Questions? Want to book a session?