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Trust me when I say this, you are not overweight/unable to lose weight/addicted to food/unable to stop eating the wrong things or any of those things that you want to stop being, because you don’t know enough about nutrition or what to eat or how to lose weight. Many of the ways might be unhealthy and questionable, but if weight loss is what you’re after, they get the results. So if you’re still looking for the best diet, an expert or a scientist to tell you a new way, the magic pill that will work for you stop because it doesn’t exist. You are wasting your time and money searching for it.

You might not like hearing this but the truth is, it is not the diets, it’s you! The diet industry, scientists and food companies are not in control, so you can stop waiting for them to come up with a way to lose weight that will finally work for you. You did not fail all those diets because of the diets, you failed because of you. The diets work on physical level (and that’s what you want to change, right?) but the problem is far deeper than that. The physical level is just a symptom of something deeper – something within you, in a place that no diet company or fitness expert can access, only you can. There’s something in you that makes you self-sabotage. Something makes you to eat all the things you said you wouldn’t eat, all the things you know are bad for you, all the things you know will make you hate yourself even more. No one made you eat (or drink) all those things you really didn’t want to eat, you did it yourself. It’s not even the food, though they do make junk food addictive, but when you really think about it, food does nothing, it just is. Food is innocent, it is you who puts it in your mouth and eats it.

You know what? This is actually good news because it means that you are in full control of your life/health. If you are the problem, then you are also the solution. The solution is in the same place as the problem, within you. If you failed because of you, then you succeed because of you too. You’re the one with the power. All you have to do is figure out what it is that causes you to do this and then stop it. No one else but you can do that because no one else but you knows exactly what’s going on in your heart and your head.

The answers you need are not found in books, magazines or online; they’re found within. You already have all the answers within you. This is where the real change happens. If you truly want to change this, you need to be brave, go within, face your demons, have the courage to listen to your deepest feelings and fears. You are not a victim of the diet industry, media, the society, food industry, your family or anything or anyone.  You are in full control of your life and your health. You can turn this around and be super healthy, skinny, strong, whatever it is you want to be. You deserve to achieve it all. You just need to accept that only you can do that, no one else. Once you own this, that’s when you start making real big changes in your life and start achieving your goals. All you have to do is be brave enough to take responsibility.


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