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Create the life of your dreams

Start living life to the fullest TODAY!

There is no need to wait until you’ve achieved your goals to start enjoying your life – you can start today, no matter what your circumstances. Change your mindset, change your life. Change what you focus on and you can be happy NOW. Stop chasing dreams, start living life now and those dreams will start chasing you!

Let go of fears & limiting beliefs

Be authentically YOU

Find your purpose

Love yourself more

Become confident and believe in yourself

Learn to love looking after your body (with proper diet/exercise)

Improve your relationships and/or family life

Overcome stress & learn to deal with obstacles

Discover the power of being present

Learn how to deliberately create the life you want

Make all your dreams come true - start a business, lose weight, travel the world....

Life coaching

Get unstuck, figure out what it is that you want in life and how to get there. 

Business coaching

Find an authentic business idea, get started or get guidance with your already existing business. Get ready for success!

Weight loss/fitness

Lose weight, improve your diet, get fit or improve your lifestyle overall.  


Your time is limited, don't waste it!

Are you making the most out of your life or are you just getting through it? Do you enjoy every day or just weekends and holidays?

Life is meant to be good. You're meant to get out of bed excited about the new day. You're meant to enjoy what you do, feel fulfilled and happy. Hard times come and go, of course, but good times always return and feel even better than before. 

It's time you realised that you can have a better life. You can enjoy life. You can make your dreams come true. You deserve it! It is all up to you. Nobody is going to hand it to you on a silver plate.  You need to decide to take full responsibility for your life, decide that you're worthy of it and then get to work. You have what it takes, you just don't realise it! 

Tell me, what is it that you plan to do with your one precious life?

(Mary Oliver) 




Not sure what you need? Let’s chat! 

Everyone’s situation is different and sometimes it’s hard to see what exactly you need or, even, where you want to go or what needs changing. So it’s hard to know whether coaching would help you or what kind of a coach you need. That’s normal. If you’re confused or have any questions, just email me and I’ll get back to you asap. If you prefer chatting on the phone/skype, send me your number and I’ll give you a quick call.

 My Approach

As your coach, whether it’s a business, health or relationship issue, I will never tell you what to do. Whatever your issue, I always want to work on YOU because you are the answer to all your problems. What’s stopping you? What’s holding you back? 

Of course, I’ll give you practical tools where needed, such as suggested diet plans, business planning tools or organisational methods – but these will not be the main focus of my coaching because, really, these are not the key.  Success is not about action and skills, it’s all about how you feel about yourself, do you believe you deserve to be successful? 

I am your guide to self-discovery. I’ll help you find the answers you’re looking for, find out what your blocks are and work through them. I’ll help you find the confidence to trust your own intuition and judgement, this, I believe, is the most important thing in life. If you cannot trust yourself to make the right choices in your life, who can you trust? Why do we value other people’s opinions more than our own? (Think about it, isn’t funny how it’s always so much easier to know what a friend should do with their lives than it is to know what you should do?)

When you trust yourself, you can be true to yourself and that’s the key to a happy, fulfilling life. You can  be YOU, your true authentic self. Your business will flourish, your career skyrocket, your relationships will improve, you no longer need to binge eat and being active is easy. Above all, you feel good about yourself and that’s when everything starts changing. I know because I have gone through this process and I constantly continue to work on myself and learn about life in the process and I am excited to share it all with you so that you too can start living fully!


My services

(All sessions done via Skype/phone)


General life coaching

When you feel unfulfilled or lost in life, I can help you get unstuck, enjoying life TODAY and moving towards your dreams confidently

Business coaching

Whether you’re already in business or want to get started, I can help you create an authentic business,  overcome obstacles and teach you how to create a successful, fulfilling business on your own terms.

Weight loss/fitness coaching

Whether you want to reduce stress, get fit/healthy or lose weight, I have the tools for you to create lasting lifestyle changes