Are you unable to switch off?

Do you feel like the world around you is so loud you can’t hear your own thoughts? Is noise making you feel overwhelmed, under pressure, tired, stressed or anxious?

NEXT START DATE: 7th November (for 14 days)

What’s the problem?

Everywhere you turn, someone is talking at you. It’s not just social media but all media, TV, magazines, advertising, billboards, TV, radio, even friends and colleagues. Everyone has an opinion about everything and they want you to listen. Advertisers and women’s magazines are constantly telling you that you’re not good enough, not slim enough, curvy enough, too curvy, too slim, your eyelashes aren’t thick enough, your child isn’t safe enough… and they all want you to buy whatever they’re selling because it’ll make you better…. diets, clothes, mascara, child safety devises…. There’s an expert for every subject imaginable these days from how to put your baby to sleep to how to organise your knicker drawer and they’re all telling you the way you do it is not good enough.

It’s exhausting. You cannot hear your own thoughts. You feel bad about yourself, stressed, not good enough, under pressure and you no longer know who you really are, you just know what you should be or rather, what people say you should be.

What is ‘Mind Detox’?

MIND DETOX is a 14 day detox for your mind where you’ll switch off whatever you can and have to in order to create more space for yourself.

The aim is to switch off all media as much as possible and learn to not let the noise of the world get to us, so that we have more time to think our own thoughts and feel our own feelings. Note that you do not have to completely switch off as you’ll still want to carry on with your normal life, but you’ll learn to manage your use of media so that you’ll use it to your advantage, rather than let it control you.


STARTS 7th NOVEMBER. Only €14!

What you'll get out of this course


  • Learn to control your use of social media and all other media
  • Learn to shut out all unnecessary ‘noise’
  • Learn how to not let the media and social media get to you
  • Create time and space for yourself
  • Get in touch with yourself, your thoughts and feelings
  • Be happier, less stressed and more relaxed
  • Sleep better, feel more energised and calmer

How this course works


  • All information is delivered via emails or our private Facebook group (minimal interaction and FB use is required!)
  • Information and exercises are posted in the FB group daily and you’ll also get a daily email
  • You’ll also get a weekly email and a daily summary email with links to relevant posts
  • This course is for women only!


STARTS: 7th November
WHERE: Online/emails (+ an optional Facebook support group)

PRICE: €14

Please note: this course is strictly for women only.

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