Mindset for Weight loss

A 4-week course to transform your relationship with your body, food and dieting.

Stop dieting – start living!

Time to stop dieting and do some REAL transformative work.

Diets don’t work – we all know this by now, right? Even when they do work, 90% of people regain the weight they lost! Why, then, do we keep looking for that one diet that is going to work, when we’ve tried them all? Would it not make more sense to try something different? I guess it can be hard to find an alternative to diets – you have to remember that this is a €200 billion industry whose main goal is to make money so why should they change something that works for them? That wouldn’t make very good business sense!

To break this endless, soul destroying cycle of dieting that so many women are stuck in, we need to ask why can’t we stick to diets? It’s not my fault, it’s the diets might be true to some extent but it does not change anything, does it? So the question is, what can I do to change it? Diets don’t work so what can I do now?

The answer is, you need to dig deep and ask some (sometimes difficult) questions.  Why do I self-sabotage? If I want nothing more than to lose weight, then why can’t I just stick to a diet no matter how hard it is? Why can’t I give myself the one thing I really want? How do I feel about myself? Do I feel I deserve to be slim & attractive? Do I feel I’m good enough? What do I believe about myself/my body/weight/women’s bodies in general? And so on. You’ll find that food issues rarely have anything to do with food. It is all about how you feel about yourself, some deep beliefs you hold and lack of self-worth and self-love. 

This 4 week course takes you beyond food and dieting, to the very root of your food/body issues within you. Together with a group of women just like you, we’ll explore our past, present and future, find answers and make lasting changes. Some of the topics covered include:

      • Talk about diet mentality & learn to deal with the constant toxic diet mentality messages we’re being fed
      • Explore and heal your relationship with food, your body and yourself
      • Let go of any unhealthy false beliefs you hold regarding food, weight and your body
      • Adopt healthy beliefs that will help you transform your lifestyle and health and keep it up long term, easily
      • Develop new self-love habits to support your new lifestyle and beliefs about yourself, your body and food 
      • Learn to accept yourself and your body 
      • Make a true commitment to yourself and your wellbeing and become your own number one supporter
      • Please note that this course is interactive so some topics may change and others will be added according to participants’ needs. 

This course is delivered over Zoom – we have one weekly session where we discuss the main topic of that week. Each week I’ll give you some homework – self-coaching questions to explore on your own and/or other simple exercises.

The results you get from this course depend on the work you put in; simply listening to the zoom talks or reading emails is not enough so please do make sure you have the willingness to do the work. 

You’ll also receive a weekly email (with a summary of what was discussed in the Zoom session) and you’ll have access to extra support via WhatsApp/email/messenger. 

Places are limited – I want to keep the group small so everyone can participate; this is a safe space for all women to share and get support.

You can book your place below and please don’t hesitate to contact me via email or WhatsApp if you have any questions.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you

Tina x 


Weds 23rd June, 7pm (Irish time)

Cost €60 (intro offer – normal price €80)