I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you. I’m not just sticking to the clean eating – I’m enjoying it. I too was/am an emotional eater [ … ] I have read all the articles you sent in depth and this allowed me to really look at my overall health and not just the eating side of it. [ … ] I am looking after my entire health and well being and haven’t felt this well in a long, long time.


I have loved the approach in your course that to err is human and that gradual changes make it all more doable. 
You have managed to articulate many of the attitudes I have had in the past and to put a positive spin on dealing with, and changing, longstanding approaches that are so self destructive .   [ … ] Happily I have resisted, particularly where sugar is concerned and I dip back into your encouraging posts when I feel I am wavering!
I have enjoyed doing this course and actively committing to a more mindful, balanced approach with your guidance . The Kickstarter group page will be my ‘go to ‘ advice tool and I hope to build on it and incorporate what we’ve been doing on a long term basis.


I have to say I’m really glad that I found your Facebook page 3 weeks ago. I was looking for something to help me kick my sugar habit. I’m now 3 weeks off sugar and I feel much better. Incredible I have lost 12lbs in those 3 weeks. I have never eaten better. I can’t believe that I love making the recipes! I find them easy and delicious. I am keeping up with the positive self talk and telling myself that I can continue to eat and live this way. For me the whole package just worked. Thank you so much.


Morning! I feel great this morning. Hand on heart, I don’t know the last time I woke up this fresh. Tina, you have given me a whole new view of things. A combination of positive attitude, healthy eating and decent sleep and I just feel amazing! THANK YOU! 


I have just finished the Kickstarter and I feel thoroughly equipped with the tools and the inspiration to continue – loved your piece about wanting v needing to lose weight, one of the many that really resonated with me. 

I really can’t believe how quickly and easily I got to the point of just wanting to eat well, I feel as if I’ve been brainwashed, but in a good way. I have lost 5lbs but the important thing, as I mentioned in my first mail is my energy levels.  I can’t believe I’ve been struggling for years and It was fixed in a couple of weeks.  Because of this, naturally my mood and sense of well being has also improved.


I can’t describe in words how fantastic I feel, it’s amazing! I enjoyed the challenge of the clean week, it encouraged me to try different foods… I was a complete chocoholic but I feel so good now without sugar and I no longer see something sweet as a treat because I know how awful I’ll feel after it. On a very positive note I no longer have any joint pain…also no headaches or breast tenderness this month which makes life so much easier!


I’m loving this plan so much and the positive attitude towards nutrition and diet. I have lost 10lbs and I haven’t felt like I’m on a diet at all!


My beautician was wowed by my skin today. She said it looked like i had about €1000 worth of laser therapy! Told her about this course and how with little effort I had cleaned up my diet. I’m delighted with that comment!


I’ve done [Tina’s courses]  before and got lots of ideas and tips for healthy eating… The Clean Week was the best thing ever! I didn’t find it too tough but it showed me how I can stay away from the sugary sweet stuff and eat lovely healthy treats. Haven’t had coffee for 3 weeks and to be honest I don’t miss it.