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This 21 day email course will get you started on an exciting journey of transformation through self-discovery.

You will finally see a way out of the endless, self-esteem destroying cycle of dieting, emotional eating, self-sabotage and any other battles with food and your body image.

You will begin to know yourself, the true you. This is exciting! You’ll learn to like yourself a little more. You’ll become a little happier and more confident. Little by little, you’ll want to comfort eat it less and less and you’ll want to treat your body better and better until one day, you realise you’ve lost all the weight without having to try hard.

Why do you keep falling off the wagon?


If losing weight was as easy as knowing what to eat, it would not be such a struggle for women – you’d follow a diet, get the results and that would be it. But we all know that’s not it. You try and try, so hard, and you rarely last a month on a diet, never mind achieving the results you so desperately want. It’s frustrating and it destroys your self-esteem.

I know because I’ve been there!

Like all good serial dieters, I knew everything there is to know about weight loss and healthy eating, yet I kept on going on binges and drowning my sorrows in junk food. I could be really good for a long time then something would happen and I’d go to the other extreme – I’m sure you can relate to this! I felt so bad about myself.

It’s nothing to do with willpower or wanting it enough

This is not helped by the media and various ‘experts’ who claim it’s so easy, you just have to want it enough and then do it. Not true. It’s nothing to do with willpower. It’s not because you don’t want it enough, in fact, you probably want it too much!


Why do you eat?


What makes losing weight so difficult is our emotions. Somehow,  emotional and physical hunger get mixed up. You look to food for comfort and eat to nurture our feelings, not to nourish your body. This is what causes you to fall off the wagon, binge eat and gain weight.

Your eating habits and addictions are symptoms of something deeper.

You cannot fix the cause by addressing the symptom alone. On some level, you’re unhappy, unfulfilled or your emotional needs are not being met. Maybe you feel insecure and not good enough like so many women these days do. Food is not going to heal that, it may soothe and comfort you for a while but soon after eating you feel even worse than before.

Truly happy, self loving, confident people do not binge or overeat.

Sadly, these people are very rare in our pressurised world where nothing or no one is ever good enough. However, you can become one if you want to and why wouldn’t you want to? Even better, you can start right now!

The way out is within

To change your eating habits and to let go of those emotional attachments and addictions, you must figure out what it is that’s causing you to eat, what part of yourself are you trying to nurture, which of your emotional needs are not being met and how can you meet them in a way that’s not sabotaging your physical wellbeing.

In order to overcome comfort eating, you need to go outside your comfort zone a bit.

You need to challenge your thinking, face your feelings and learn to be honest with yourself in a compassionate way. You need to stop beating yourself up and learn how to support yourself, be your own best friend.

This course will ask you a series of daily questions that will help you do just that.

You’ll take stock, get to know yourself and figure out what is causing you to always ‘fall off the wagon’ and then work out a way to stop doing that. While this work can be challenging, the rewards will be better than you could imagine!

How exactly does this course work?

1. Start anytime


Simply sign up, anytime, anywhere, by clicking the button below.

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2. Get ready

You’ll get your introductory email within 24hrs of signing up. This email contains your first exercise to help you prepare for the coming 21 days.

You’ll also get access to our private Facebook support group, should you wish to join it.

3. Go...


You’ll get a new email every other day for the next 21 days.

You should take (at least) two days to think about the questions, ideas and new thoughts in each email.

What’s included in this course?


Every other day, for 21 days, you’ll receive an email with the following content:

  1. A question to ask yourself. For example ‘what am I hungry for?’, ‘who is in control of my life’ and ‘what makes me happy?’ These questions are the most important part of this course. The rest of the content is built around the questions to help you get the most of out of them.
  2. Affirmations. These are new positive thoughts to replace any old negative ones. These are designed to empower you and help you see the positive in your situation. Used correctly, affirmations are powerful tools that can help you transform your life.
  3. An article. Each email includes an article or a post on the day’s topic such as learning to listen to your body and respect hunger, finding inner peace, learning to be happy and letting go of negative self-beliefs.

Connect with others

If you want to connect with other women, just like you, you can do so in our private support group on Facebook. It always helps to know that you’re not the only one with these issues. (Note that you do not have to be on Facebook to do this course – all materials will be in the daily emails).

Extra Support

You can also email Tina any time you have a question or need some extra support.



Please note: This course is strictly for women only!

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