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 Fed up with food and fitness plans that don’t work?

If you’re like most women, you have started many plans and diets over the years. You might have lost some weight, got fit, but in the end, you always end up back where you started. You feel discouraged, stuck, even desperate because it seems like nothing works. You feel like it’s your fault, you’re too lazy, don’t work hard enough, too greedy or maybe it’s your genes; whatever it is, you’re never good enough.

Here’s the thing: it’s not you, it’s the plans and diets, they’re all wrong. 97% of people who lose weight on a diet gain it back. Most people never finish the fitness plans they started. This is why diet and fitness is such a huge industry – they literally rely on you failing!

The good news is that there is an easy way to permanent change and lasting results. It’s what my company Run with Tina was built on (that’s why it’s been such a huge success with women!) I’ve used the same approach with my online diet/lifestyle courses for the past seven years as well as in my book with amazing, lasting, results. It’s all about changing your approach. One of the keys to success with my approach is that people really, genuinely, enjoy the process. They’re not just doing it in order to get to the results; they do it because it makes them feel good NOW. This is the key.

Working with clients 1-on-1 gives me an opportunity to really tailor this approach to YOUR individual needs, which is so important because everyone is different. I love the challenge of finding what works best for each client. I really love getting to know my clients on a deeper level and being able to help you through this exciting process of change. It gives me such a buzz to see you go from feeling discouraged and defeated to feeling good about yourself and excited about life. 


5 Keys to healthy lifestyle & weight loss

Right mindset

Mindset is everything, it either makes things hard or easy. Whatever you expect, tends to happen. Most people expect weight loss to be hard and boring and so it is. You can change your expectation, change how you see eating healthy and you’ll soon find it easier and enjoyable. Start by seeing healthy lifestyle as a treat, not a punishment! 

Healthy relationship with food & your body

This is all about your emotional wellbeing. What’s your relationship with food like? Are you an emotional eater? How do you feel about your body? Is your body your friend or enemy? Do you want to change because you love your body or because you hate it? 

Change begins with accepting where you are. You are where you are and that’s ok. You’re good enough just the way you are. You can love and accept yourself today. 

For most women, this is where the underlying causes of their weight and food issues are found. Extra weight is just a symptom of something deeper and losing weight is not going to fix that but healing the root cause is going to lead to easy weight loss.


Right diet

What you eat and what you don’t eat is, of course, important for health and weight loss. The diet industry has confused everyone with complicated systems and the conflicting opinions over what you should and shouldn’t eat. I’ll take all this confusion away. To lose weight, all you have to do is eat healthy. Eat clean (meaning, no processed junk food). We take it back to basics and keep it simple! 

Mindful eating

It’s not just about what you eat, how you eat is as important. We’ll examine your eating habits, identify any issues and then fix them. Are you an emotional eater? Do you have a lot of bad habits like mindless snacking? Do you skip meals?  You’ll also learn mindful eating and natural portion control so you can stop dieting and weighing every bite you eat. 

Balanced lifestyle

Your overall lifestyle is an important part of a healthy lifestyle – in fact, many scientist are now saying that your overall lifestyle is even more important than diet and exercise. Things like stress and lack of sleep can cause weight gain and did you know that belly fat is often caused by stress? So we’ll look at your lifestyle as well and I’ll help you make any changes necessary. 

What I can help you with

Weight loss/diet

 Whether you want to lose weight or just learn to eat healthier, I’ll get you there. From menu planning to learning how to deal with tricky situations or move on from eating something ‘wrong’, I’ll help you make healthy eating a permanent, and enjoyable,  part of your lifestyle. Plans will be tailored to suit your lifestyle, family situation and dietary preferences. 

Wellness mindset

Everything starts in your mind. If you can change the way you see healthy living and your body, then taking the right actions is relatively easy.

How you feel about yourself determines how you treat yourself.

This mindset work will benefit all areas of your life!

Relationship with food and your body

Get to the bottom of your unhealthy eating or dieting patterns so that you can stop self-sabotaging and yo yo dieting. Learn better ways to cope with your emotions & situations that cause you to ‘fall off the wagon’. Let go of diet mentality and learn to enjoy food instead. Learn to love yourself and your body.




Fitness/active life

Like most people, you probably don’t love exercise but I will show you that it IS possible to enjoy it. Our bodies were created to move, it’s natural and it feels good when you do it right.

We’ll start easy, there is no pushing to your limits, the first aim is to get moving and learn to enjoy it so much that you won’t want to stop.

My Approach

At the core of my approach is self respect and kindness towards yourself. The main goal is to feel good about yourself now, not wait until you’ve lost the weight or completed your first 5k. If you feel good now, you’ll get to your goals easier because you will want to live healthy because you respect yourself, not because you need yourself to change so that you can accept yourself.

Generally, people see healthy lifestyle as a negative thing, something you must force yourself to do because you’re not good enough as you are; it’s a punishment for being overweight, eating wrong or being lazy. This approached based on self-hatred is not only wrong but it’s also what leads to failure (and then more self-hatred and more failed attempts). 

Healthy lifestyle is not a punishment, it’s a treat, a loving way to treat yourself. It’s something you deserve because you’re worthy of feeling good, because you deserve to be healthy, fit and happy. When you love someone, you want to take good care of them, don’t you?  

Filling yourself up with junk food is a punishment.  Neglecting your body is not a kind way to treat yourself. When you hate your body, you’re not going to treat it very well and when you do try to eat healthy, it’s hard to keep it up and you always end up self-sabotaging. It’s a cycle of self-hatred, trying to change (by dieting) so you can accept yourself better, then self-sabotaging and failing. You can break this cycle with self-love & respect.

When you change your approach from self-hatred to self-love, everything changes. That’s when real change starts, when it becomes a lifestyle, not just another diet,  and you’ll enjoy the journey. 

What you’ll get out coaching with me

All coaching is done via Skype and all extra materials are delivered via email. You can choose to do just one session to get you started, weekly sessions or an intensive 1-3 months coaching if you’re really serious about change.

Whatever you choose, I will first listen to you and get to know you so that I can create a plan that works for you, your lifestyle, family/work situation and schedule, your emotional needs and dietary preferences.

All plans/sessions are tailored to your needs but here are some examples of what can be included. Please contact me to discuss your personal needs.  


Initial consultation

In our first session, I want to get to know you and understand what your issues are, the challenges in your daily life, your lifestyle, your relationship with food/your body, what your mindset is like currently etc. This will help me create a plan that will work for you. 

Weekly coaching calls

In our weekly calls, we review your previous week and identify any issues you need to deal with (such as emotional eating triggers or tricky social situations). We also look at your week ahead and make sure you’re prepared for any challenging situations, such as travel, social gatherings or work events. 

While we naturally talk about food and your lifestyle, much of the weekly calls tend to focus on working on your mindset and self-acceptance. This is the key to long term success, it’s what is going to make the journey easy and enjoyable and help you not just lose weight and get fit but also to be a happier and more confident person.  


Tailor made eating plans + Nutrition info

You food plans will take into consideration your preferences, lifestyle and budget. You don’t have to eat anything you don’t like. You don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen every day. You don’t have to buy expensive ingredients. You don’t have to cook separate meals for your family. We’ll make it work, whatever your situation. I’ll give you recipes and weekly eating plans. However, ultimately my aim is give you the tools to plan your own diet, be confident enough to make the right choices, so you don’t have to rely on diets and meal plans.

I’ll also teach you everything you need to know about basic nutrition and healthy eating. It’s something that the diet/nutrition industry has turned into a rocket science but you’ll find that it’s actually very simple. Realising this will help you relax and learn to enjoy food! 

Fitness plans exclusively tailored to your needs

Your fitness plan starts where you are. It’ll be enjoyable, it’ll be doable. It’ll be tailored to your needs and preferences. The aim is to get you moving and get you to you enjoy it so that it easily becomes a part of your lifestyle. For very busy people, or those who really don’t want to exercise, we might just start with adding a bit more activity to your day. Whatever your level, you’ll love it! 

Weekly plans & exercises via email

Every week, I’ll also send you your eating plans/diet tips, nutrition information, basic fitness plans, mindset exercises, lifestyle tips etc (this obviously depends on what you need and want via email 

Daily check-ins & motivation (optional)

If you’re really serious about change, daily check-ins are a great option to make sure that you stay focused in any situation. This is done via Whatsapp/text. I’ll check in with you daily, remind you of anything important you need to remember, answer any questions you have and ask you to send me a brief update. 


Various services and prices available; from a one of consultation at €60 to 1-3 month packages. All packages can be tailor made according to your needs and budget. Please contact me for full details using the form below.

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