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How many people really truly know who they are these days? I mean really know the real authentic you? We think we know ourselves, but this self is usually based on our achievements, failures, jobs, relationships, labels, what others expect of us, what we have or don’t have, what we do rather than what we are. We listen to what others say about us and believe that to be true rather than seek our own truth. Even when you don’t like what you hear others say about you, you think it must be true because they say so. But it’s only true because you accept it as truth and you have a choice to not accept it and stay true to yourself.

Contrary to what popular motivational memes tell you, the true you is not what you do, it’s not even what you say or what you think. When we are not in touch with our true self, our actions and thoughts are so strongly influenced by our environments, the society, media, friends, family…. that we often do, think and say things that aren’t really us. Most people don’t even realise that it’s not their real authentic self, that’s how out of touch with our core we are.



The true you is who you are at your heart, it is very simply. It is your feelings, rather than your thoughts, words or actions, your authentic feelings that come from the depths of your heart, it is always good, always based on love. All the negative fear based feelings are not you, they are just a sign that you are out of touch with your real self, that you’re a bit lost, they’re really your heart’s cry for attention for the real you. Never ignore your feelings, particularly the difficult ones, they always carry a message.

It is very hard and confusing in today’s world to really get to know yourself. You really need a lot of focus and determination to shut out the noise of the world. Many of us have spent our lives trying to live up to something people or the society expect us to be so it is hard to believe that we could be anything else, that there could be more to us and life. It’s overwhelming and scary but it is always worth it for it leads to true freedom. It is also exciting to get to know yourself and to realise your true potential, to learn to love yourself and to find your own path.

The best, probably the only place, to start is to just be. Be quiet and still. Spend as much time alone as you can. Listen. Anything that comes up, let it out – tears, anger, laughter, fear, pain, sadness.. let it all out and let it go….

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