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Mondays @ 11am, starting 10th May

A business support group with a difference

 I’m really excited to launch this new support group for female entrepreneurs as it’s something that I’ve wanted to start for a long time.  I have never really enjoyed regular business events, I really hate the networking part where everyone tries hard to sell themselves and convince everyone how great they are. It’s exhausting.  I like to keep things real and be honest – we all know how it is, sometimes things are great but often times things are tough. Entrepreneurship is all about overcoming obstacles (which mainly are inside your head) and growth (personal and business). It’s a very exciting, life transforming journey when you start being honest – the lows get easier and the highs get more rewarding.  

As we prepare for the world after Covid, I feel it’s a good time to start planning for a better future and creating something new together. It’s always great to have support but I feel that right now, with things being so uncertain, it’s more important than ever!

This will be a support group where we’ll talk about the challenges we’re facing, our plans and dreams, successes and failures; anything to do with business. I’d like to inspire people to work in a more intentional way (work less, achieve more), be more authentic (which takes courage but is absolutely essential if you want to be successful), learn to see challenges as opportunities to grow and learn rather than obstacles, believe in themselves more and so on… I have a long list of ideas for topics to cover from authentic marketing and dealing with money to self-care, dealing with stress and overcoming fears or using tools such a gratitude and visualisation, but a lot of what will be covered will of course depend on the members’ needs. 

This is a ‘come as you are’ event where you can be yourself, no need to put on a face or pretend to be anything you’re not. This is a meet up where you can make real connections, find real support and be honest – you can only get real support if you’re prepared to be honest! Being honest takes courage but it will help you face the challenges in front of you and own them rather than hide them, which leads to growth and success both, in business and also on personal level. 

To begin with, we need 5-10 women who can commit to this weekly so we can get to know each others well and that way share and support each other’s better.

Cost is just €5/week (payable 4wks in advance)

On Mondays at 11am Irish time, starting 10th May

On zoom – bring your own coffee!

You can join us through the link below or just email me

I look forward to connecting with you

Tina x

We have few more spots available!

Join us next Monday at 11am!